Distance agreement

 This agreement is concluded between the owner of the online store www. bezglutena.lv  SIA "SELECTION", registration No. 40203260468, legal address: Ūnijas street 12, Riga, LV-1084, (hereinafter - the Seller), and the Buyer who places an order and makes a purchase on the online store www.bezglutena.lv. The distance agreement applies to all orders and purchases made on the online store www.bezglutena.lv.

 1. The Buyer orders, buys and pays, but the Seller sells and delivers gluten-free products (hereinafter - the Goods) in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

2. The Buyer orders the Goods by filling in the relevant order form on the Seller's online store www.bezglutena.lv, placing the order.

3. The Buyer undertakes to provide accurate information, i.e. name, surname, delivery address and his contact information by clicking on the "Order" field.

4. The Buyer undertakes to inform the Seller about any changes no later than within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of the order confirmation by writing electronically to the address: [email protected].

 5. The Buyer is responsible for the correct presentation of data, otherwise the delivery of the Goods is not guaranteed. Ordering the Goods shall be considered as the Buyer's offer to the Seller to enter into this Agreement for the delivery of the ordered Goods and for the Buyer's consent to purchase the ordered Goods at the specified price. Personal data relating to the delivery of the Goods are not transferred to a third party, except for SIA "DPD Latvija", VAS "Latvijas pasts", to ensure the delivery of the order.

6. The Seller delivers the Goods to the address specified by the Buyer in accordance with the specified tariffs. The Buyer shall pay the shipping costs and the Goods together before receiving the confirmation and delivery of the Goods from the Seller. The delivery price is included in the invoice.

7. The Buyer can place orders 24 hours a day, but the Seller completes orders: on working days from 9.00 to 17.00, Saturdays, Sundays - no packaging of Goods is performed.

8. The Seller sends a confirmation of acceptance of the order to the Buyer by e-mail. If the Buyer does not receive a confirmation e-mail, then the order is not accepted. Order picking starts after the money for the purchase has been transferred to the Seller's account or after receiving the bank transaction authorization notification.

9. The Buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal included in the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia and return the Goods within 14 (fourteen) calendar days by filling the return form. The costs of returning the Goods shall be borne by the Seller after the coordination of the return of the Goods.

10. If the Buyer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, the following recommendations and conditions must be taken into account:

10.1. The returned Goods must not be used (taking into account the specifics of the Goods). If the condition of the returned Goods has deteriorated and this has happened due to improper storage, the Buyer is not entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal.

10.2. The Buyer is obliged to keep and not damage the original packaging of the Goods.

10.3. If the Buyer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, then he must contact the Seller by writing to the electronic address: [email protected]. The Buyer receives a withdrawal form from the Seller, which is filled in and sent to the Seller to the above-mentioned e-mail address.

10.4. More detailed information on what a distance agreement and right of withdrawal is available to the Buyer at the website of the Consumer Rights Protection Center: http://www.ptac.gov.lv

10.5. The Seller shall transfer the money for the returned Goods and it’s delivery costs to the bank account specified by the Buyer in the withdrawal form within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the termination of the Agreement and receipt of the Goods indicated in the withdrawal form.

11. The average delivery time of the product is 2 (two) to 6 (six) working days.

12. All prices include VAT (value added tax).

13. The Buyer shall pay for the Goods by bank transfer to the account number of SIA "SELECTION", which is indicated in the prepayment invoice or on the online store www.bezglutena.lv with the transaction payment methods available on the online store. Delivery costs for the Goods are covered by the Buyer in accordance with the delivery conditions of the online store www.bezglutena.lv.

14. This Agreement has been prepared in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. The Buyer confirms that he has read the provisions of this Agreement and undertakes to observe and comply with them.

Privacy Policy

1. Processing of personal data

SIA "SELECTION" has developed a Privacy Policy to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of the Customer's personal data, as well as to inform us about how we process the Customer's personal data.

Personal data is processed by the owner of SIA "SELECTION" online store www.bezglutena.lv, registration no. 40203260468, legal address:  Ūnijas street 12, Riga, LV-1084.

2. Processor of personal data

Personal data processor SIA "SELECTION" online store www.bezglutena.lv owner, registration No. 40203260468, legal address:  Ūnijas street 12, Riga, LV-1084, using technical and organizational data protection measures, will process the Customer's personal data in the amount and in accordance with national and international  legislation.

The privacy policy describes the processing of information related to the services provided by the online store www.bezglutena.lv and SIA "SELECTION".

We will not disclose the Customer's personal data to other persons, except in the cases mentioned in this Privacy Policy, therefore SIA "SELECTION" is responsible for the protection of the Customer's personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3. Applicable law

We will process personal information provided by Customers in Latvia in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation - hereinafter referred to as GDPR).

Personal data is processed on the basis of the following regulatory enactments:

    • Article 6, first parsgraph,  point (a) of the GDPR - your consent;

    • Article 6,  first paragraph, point (b) of the GDPR - performance of the contract;

    • Article 6, first paragraph, point (c) of the GDPR - fulfillment of a legal obligation;

    • Article 6, first paragraph, point (f) of the GDPR - our or third parties' legitimate interests;

    • Personal Data Protection Law;

    • Article 9, first paragraph of the Information Society Services Law (your consent) - if you have subscribed to receive news.

SIA "SELECTION" legitimate interests are our activities, including the improvement of services, protection of our legitimate interests, participation in commercial transactions and promotion of SIA "SELECTION" products.

4. What is the Privacy Policy?

4.1. The Privacy Policy provides information on how SIA "SELECTION" collects, processes, stores, shares, deletes and protects the Customer's personal data, ensuring that the Customer's personal data is processed lawfully, fairly and in a manner transparent to the Customer. The Privacy Policy applies to the Customer's personal data, any processing of personal data and the service provided to the Customer.

SIA "SELECTION" may share the collected information with third party service providers with whom a cooperation agreement has been concluded on the provision of services to ensure the delivery of the Goods and which does not disclose or use the Customer's personally identifiable information for purposes other than the provision of the Service to the Customer.

4.2. In order to provide the Customer with better and more suitable products and services, as well as to ensure, maintain, protect and improve the existing products and services, SIA "SELECTION" processes the data collected from the provision of services.

5. What personal data is processed by SIA "SELECTION"?

5.1. Personal data processed by SIA "SELECTION" depends on the service and products used by the Customer. SIA "SELECTION" data processing is performed in accordance with the provisions of Point 7 of the Privacy Policy:

     • Name, surname, correspondence address, telephone number, e-mail address;

     • Communication data: e-mail, letter, or other information related to the Customer's communication with SIA "SELECTION";

     • Data reported by the Customer to SIA "SELECTION".

5.2. SIA "SELECTION" processes the following data:

Personally identifiable information includes the Customer's name, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery and billing addresses, as well as other information that the Customer may provide voluntarily. We collect the following personally identifiable information provided by Customers:

     • To respond to the Customer's request;

     • In order to provide the requested Service to the Customer, incl. to process online purchases and send the purchased Goods to the Customer;

     • To select and create product offers suitable for Customers;

     • To keep track of purchase data;

     • To protect our legitimate interests;

     • To resolve disputes and claims.

6. What is the basis for processing the Customer's personal data?

6.1. Customer's consent - The Customer, as a subject of personal data, gives consent to the collection and processing of personal data for certain purposes. The Customer's consent is his free will and an independent decision. The customer has the right to withdraw his consent at any time by using the e-mail address: [email protected]. The notified changes will take effect within three business days. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior to withdrawal.

6.2. Conclusion and performance of the agreement - in order for SIA "SELECTION" to be able to perform and conclude the agreement with the Customer, providing quality services and servicing the Customer, it must service and process certain personal data collected before concluding the agreement with SIA "SELECTION" or during concluding the agreement.

6.3. Legitimate interests of SIA "SELECTION" - observing the interests of SIA "SLECTION", which is based on the provision of quality service to the Customer, SIA "SELECTION" has the right to process the Customer's personal data to the extent objectively necessary and sufficient in accordance with Point 7 of the Privacy Policy. The processing of personal data when selling products, as a result of which product offers are made to the Customer, is considered to be the legitimate interests of SIA "SELECTION".

6.4. Fulfillment of legal obligations - SIA "SELECTION" is entitled to process personal data in order to fulfill the requirements of regulatory enactments, as well as to provide answers to written requests of the state and local governments.

6.5. SIA "SELECTION" does not collect or distribute personally identifiable information from persons under 18 years of age. If you are a parent or guardian of a person under the age of 18 and believe that we have obtained personally identifiable information contrary to the Privacy Policy, please contact us by email: [email protected] so that we can immediately delete such information.

7. For what purpose will SIA "SELECTION" process personal data?

7.1. SIA "SELECTION" processes personal data in order to ensure high-quality, timely and customer-friendly service during the validity of the contractual relationship with SIA "SELECTION":

    • Management of the Customer's relations (incl. Remotely), ensuring the conclusion and execution of Agreements, as well as the implementation of related processes;

    • reviewing the Customer's complaints and providing support (including technical support) in connection with the provided services;

    • Informing the Customer about products of other companies distributed by SIA "SELECTION".

7.2. SIA “SELECTION” processes personal data in order to promote the development of the industry and offer new services to Customers, including:

    • To offer new products;

    • For the analysis of the market and development of the business model, the processing of statistical data of SIA “SELECTION” Customers is performed.

7.3. SIA “SELECTION” processes personal data in order to create and maintain SIA “SELECTION” internal processes, ensure the circulation of documents and other internal processes (eg, archiving of agreements and other documents) to the extent necessary and sufficient.

8. What are cookies and how can SIA “SELECTION” process them?

8.1. Cookies are small text files that are created and stored on the Customer's device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) by visiting SIA “SELECTION” online store www.bezglutena.lv. Cookies "remember" the user's experience and basic information and thus improve the ease of use of SIA "SELECTION" online store www.bezglutena.lv.

8.2. Cookies are used to process common user habits and site usage history, diagnose problems and deficiencies in the site's operation, collect statistics on user habits, and ensure full and convenient use of the site's functionality.

8.3. If the Customer does not wish to allow the use of cookies, the Customer may do so in the settings of his browser, however, in that case the use of the website may be significantly disrupted and difficult. You can delete saved cookies in your device's browser settings by deleting the history of saved cookies.

8.4. The websites maintained by SIA "SELECTION" use functional, analytical, advertising and mandatory cookies.

9. How does SIA “SELECTION” obtain the Customer's personal data?

SIA “SELECTION” obtains the Customer's personal data when the Customer:

     • Purchases and uses the products offered by SIA “SELECTION”;

     • Signs up to receive news or other services from SIA “SELECTION”;

     • Ask SIA "SELECTION" for more information about the product used by the Customer or contact SIA "SELECTION" in connection with a complaint or request for information, identifying the Customer.

10. What is the processing time of the Customer's personal data?

10.1. SIA “SELECTION” will process the Customer's personal data as long as at least one of the following circumstances exists:

     • The Agreement between the Customer and SIA “SELECTION” is valid;

     • The term of storage of personal data is determined or follows from the requirements of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union legislation;

     • To the extent necessary for the realization and protection of the legitimate interests of SIA “SELECTION”;

     • Until the Customer's consent to the processing of personal data is revoked.

10.2. Customer's personal data will be retained for as long as necessary for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy. In case of administrative proceedings or legal proceedings, we will store the Customer's personal data until the end of such proceedings or legal proceedings and in accordance with the legal requirements.

11. Sharing of the Customer's personal data

11.1. In order to provide services to the Customer, SIA “SELECTION” may share the Customer's personal data with partners or agents involved in the provision of products and services ordered or used by the Customer.

11.2. SIA “SELECTION” is obliged to provide information on personal data to the following institutions and services:

- law enforcement institutions, courts or other state and local government institutions, if it follows from regulatory enactments or a request for information from the relevant institution.

11.3. SIA “SELECTION” will issue the Customer's personal data only in the necessary and sufficient amount in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments and in accordance with the objective circumstances of the specific situation.

12. What rights does the Customer have?

12.1. Contact SIA “SELECTION” (by writing to the e-mail address: [email protected]) to receive a copy of the personal data at the disposal of SIA “SELECTION”.

12.2. Correct all personal data about yourself at the disposal of SIA “SELECTION” by applying for changes by writing to the e-mail address: [email protected].

12.3. The Customer has the right to obtain information about those natural or legal persons who have received information about this Customer from SIA “SELECTION” within a certain period of time. SIA “SELECTION” will not provide the Customer with information about state institutions that are the promoters of criminal proceedings, subjects of operative activities or other institutions about which the law prohibits the disclosure of such information.

12.4. Request the deletion or restriction of the processing of the Customer's personal data, the processing of which is no longer necessary in accordance with the purposes for which they were collected and processed.

12.5. In certain circumstances, the Customer has the right to request SIA “SELECTION” to delete personal data, however, this does not apply to cases when regulatory enactments provide for the retention of data. To implement the above rights, the Customer must submit a written application to SIA “SELECTION” by writing to the e-mail address: [email protected].

12.6. In certain circumstances, the Customer has the right to restrict the processing of his personal data. Please note that if the Customer requests that data processing be restricted, this may affect the execution of the order. To implement the above rights, the Customer must submit a written application by writing to the e-mail address: [email protected].

13. Security

All personal data of Customers that have become known during the visit to the online store www.bezglutena.lv and when making purchases there, are considered confidential information.

The Customer has the right to reasonably request that his / her personal data be supplemented, corrected, as well as that the processing of personal data be terminated or deleted if they are obsolete, incomplete, false, unlawfully processed or no longer for the original purpose of data processing.

14. Privacy Policy Terms and Amendments

We assume that you have read and accepted the principles and terms of our Privacy Policy before using our online store or filling out an order form. We reserve the right to amend and update the main terms of the Privacy Policy.

To resolve all issues and problems related to the Privacy Policy or data processing, as well as in cases when the Customer wishes to refuse or completely delete his / her data from his / her profile, please contact us using the e-mail address: [email protected].


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